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We give professionals and students, electrical engineering advice in their projects.


We build electrical products for commercial and industrial use according to our clients needs.


We design, manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards.

power tools

 We repair and service electrical appliances, tools and machines.


We have a variety of components, tools and materials to be used in your project.


We are developing products that use renewable energy

Our Recent Projects

"The intended goal is to make a Renewable Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply, so one of the stages is complete. Electric grid based Battery bank charging module is done. "
Tamuka Vumbunu
Project Developer
UPS module

Powerful multi-voltage battery charger capable of charging 6V, 12V, 24V and 48V batteries. The charger uses a specially designed transformer to cater for grid flactuations.

Simba Hombarume

Electrical Engineer

Quality services!!


I was having challenges with my final year project and I encountered this organisation. A single hour of consultation solved all my problems.

Graduate Electrical Engineer

Prof Kisimusi Chishanu

Engineering Professor

It is always wonderful to have such a setup in our country and young innovative minds behind it.

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